Expedition Science: Empowering Learners through Exploration

  • Title:Expedition Science: Empowering Learners through Exploration
  • Author:Becky Schnekser
  • Publication Date:June 2021
  • ISBN:9781951600822
  • Publisher:Dave Burgess Consulting

Once a reluctant science teacher, Becky Schnekser now takes her elementary-aged scientists on virtual field trips to the Amazon, spelunking explorations right in the classroom, and all-weather research trips to the school's rainwater collection ponds. Refusing to accept the worn-out excuses about why science has become an afterthought in elementary education, in Expedition Science, Schnekser demonstrates how you can immerse young learners in authentic, exciting science and thus empower them to engage, discover, and lead. With real-life examples that put you right in the middle of the action, and specific details of hands-on classroom science and the pedagogy behind it, Expedition Science will serve as your go-to guide as you work to disrupt tired ways of teaching science and instead turn your students into enthusiastic explorers of the world all around them.

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