Facilitating Teacher Teams and Authentic PLCs

  • Title:Facilitating Teacher Teams and Authentic PLCs: The Human Side of Leading People, Protocols, and Practices
  • Author:Daniel Venables
  • Publication Date:December 2017
  • ISBN:9781416625216
  • Publisher:ASCD

As professional learning communities become more widespread, educators have learned that they can’t simply form grade-level or subject-area teams and call it a day. To profoundly affect teacher practice and student learning, PLCs need strong and knowledgeable leadership. In Facilitating Teacher Teams and Authentic PLCs, Daniel R. Venables draws on his extensive experience helping schools and districts implement effective professional learning communities (PLCs) to explore this crucial but often-overlooked need. Taking a two-pronged approach to PLC facilitation, Venables offers targeted guidance both for leading the people in teacher teams and for facilitating their work. This practical resource provides:

  • Strategies for facilitating interactions among colleagues in PLCs and building trust and buy-in.
  • Field-tested, user-friendly protocols to focus and deepen team discussions around texts, data, teacher and student work, teacher dilemmas, and collaborative planning time.
  • Tips for anticipating and addressing interpersonal conflicts and obstacles that commonly arise during use of protocols.

Current and prospective PLC facilitators at every grade level will find this book an essential guide to navigating the challenging and rewarding endeavor of leading authentic PLCs. Build your skills, and help your team rise to the next level.

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