Four O'Clock Faculty, The *

  • Title:Four O'Clock Faculty, The: A Rogue Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development *
  • Author:Rich Czyz
  • Publication Date:August 2017
  • ISBN:9781946444363
  • Publisher:Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.

The Four O'Clock Faculty, co-founded by educator and author Rich Czyz, is on a mission to revolutionize professional learning for all educators. In his book, Rich identifies ways to make PD meaningful, efficient, and, above all, personally relevant.

The Four O'Clock Faculty is a practical guide that reveals why some PD is so awful and what YOU can do to change the model for the betterment of you and your colleagues. As you read this book, you will ...

  • Discover simple techniques for switching up staff meetings
  • Find more effective ways to use your PD time
  • Learn how to go ROGUE when you are not getting what you need as a professional learner

What game plan will you follow for changing professional development in your school or district? It all starts with this book!

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