Fully Engaged

  • Title:Fully Engaged: Playful Pedagogy for Real Results
  • Author:Michael Matera, John Meehan
  • Publication Date:July 2021
  • ISBN:9781951600945
  • Publisher:Dave Burgess Consulting

Join us on the lesson-planning adventure of a lifetime!

In classrooms around the globe, teachers hunger for strategies that can inspire authentic engagement, while young minds yearn for a new world of learning where they can become the hero. We crave choice. Mastery. And a clear sense of purpose. 

Fully Engaged is a fresh and fast-paced study of how teachers can inject curiosity, wonder, and excitement into any classroom. It’s packed with student-centered strategies precision engineered for young minds. Discover how your pedagogy can leverage the science of serious engagement to inspire students of any age to achieve the impossible, and learn how you can transform your teaching through intentional,student-centered course design to create classrooms that are truly the stuff of legend!

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