Green Light Classrooms

  • Title:Green Light Classrooms Teaching Techniques That Accelerate Learning
  • Author:Richard Allen
  • Publication Date:June 2008
  • ISBN:9781412956109
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

How can today's teachers develop lessons that will inspire students and ignite the desire to learn? Moving away from the traditional lecture-based method of teaching, this teacher-friendly guide introduces a variety of innovative teaching techniques that will motivate, excite, and increase the learning potential of every student.

Using contributions from teachers with experience in a variety of classroom-tested techniques, the author provides nine proven strategies for creating new memory pathways, making content relevant for students, and increasing their learning. Teachers will learn techniques that tap into students emotions and be able to increase participation in group discussions and activities. Practical features include:

  • Sample lesson plans for different grade levels in each chapter
  • A variety of practical, brain-compatible teaching strategies

Offering key principles of effective teaching that can be applied across grade levels and in any content area, this book shows how it is possible to increase student enthusiasm and impact learning.

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