Guided Practice for Reading Growth, Grades 4-8

  • Title:Guided Practice for Reading Growth, Grades 4-8: Texts and Lessons to Improve Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary
  • Author:Laura Robb, David L. Harrison
  • Publication Date:September 2020
  • Grade Level:4-8
  • ISBN:9781544398495
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Use these lessons to build developing readers’ skill and desire to read, read, read!

This book will be your guide as you support middle grade students who are reading two or more years below grade level. The lessons enlarge students’ vocabulary and background knowledge and engage them in meaningful discussions and writing about their reading. As students’ reading skill and desire to read increases, you’ll watch them complete more independent reading and ramp up their reading volume—the practice they need to improve!

Guided Practice for Reading Growth provides all you need to get started. Laura Robb and poet David L. Harrison have collaborated to design twenty-four powerful reading lessons using original poems and short texts that interest your students and encourage them to think deeply. The opening chapters offer background knowledge for the lessons and teaching tips, then the bulk of this book consists of lessons—with full texts and suggested videos provided. Guided practice lessons are the instructional piece that can move developing readers forward by building their self-confidence and the reading expertise needed to read to learn and for pleasure.

This unique book shows you how to:

  • Build students’ background knowledge by watching and discussing videos.
  • Use the poems to improve reading and to improve fluency through practice and performance.
  • Invite students to write about their reading and increase comprehension and recall.
  • Ask partners to discuss before, during, and after reading as meaningful talk enlarges students’ analytical thinking and understanding.
  • Design your own lessons for students with extra texts by David L. Harrison in the appendix.

Use this book to develop students’ self-confidence and the reading skill they require to become lifelong, joyful readers!

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