Guided by Meaning in Primary Literacy

  • Title:Guided by Meaning in Primary Literacy: Libraries, Reading, Writing, and Learning
  • Author:Joyce Armstrong Carroll, Kelley Barger, Karla James, Kristy Hill
  • Publication Date:December 2016
  • Grade Level:K-2
  • ISBN:9781440843983
  • Publisher:ABC-Clio

Using a research-based approach, this book examines the critical connections between writing and reading, and it explains how to encourage early literacy in the classroom and library.

How can teachers and librarians support true literacy in young learners? Are very young children guided by meaning in constructing their reality and their relationship to the world? What is the value of championing writing at the kindergarten level? Guided by Meaning in Primary Literacy: Libraries, Reading, Writing, and Learning answers these questions and many more, providing best practices in early literacy through explicit lessons in writing and reading and demonstrating how the library can extend learning in deep and powerful ways.

While some books emphasize reading, others emphasize writing, and still others focus on library instruction, this profound resource brings all of the components of literacy together in a meaningful way. Throughout the book, the authors highlight examples of student writing, anecdotes from the real world, and connections between theory and what happens in practical application. Unique in its thoroughness of content for this age group, this text is essential reading for all early childhood teachers and librarians working in schools and in public libraries with young children. The book also serves trainers working with teachers and librarians to increase their effectiveness in working with young children to promote early literacy.


  • Provides critical information that helps educators improve early literacy programs—a current need in libraries of all types
  • Combines research findings about early literacy that document the connection between writing and reading with meaningful theory to offer a strong rationale for library programming
  • Reminds readers of the inherent joy and value of working with young children by telling them stories and engaging them in magical early literacy activities in the classroom and library


Author Bio

In her 54-year career, Joyce Armstrong Carroll, Ed.D., H.L.D., has taught every grade level from primary to graduate school. In the past 36 years, she has trained teachers in the teaching of writing as Co-director of the New Jersey Writing Project, then The New Jersey Writing Project in Texas, now Abydos Learning International. A nationally known consultant, she has authored a national textbook program, numerous books and articles for teachers, and poems. With her husband Edward E. Wilson, Dr. Carroll authored Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing, now in its 2nd edition, as well as the award-winning Poetry After Lunch: Poems to Read Aloud. She has recently been awarded the Edmund J. Farrell Lifetime Service Award from TCTELA. Dr. Carroll’s mantra is, “If you teach it, they will learn.”

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