Hacking School Culture: Designing Compassionate Classrooms

  • Title:Hacking School Culture: Designing Compassionate Classrooms
  • Author:Angela Stockman, Ellen Feig Gray
  • Publication Date:May 2018
  • ISBN:9781948212045
  • Publisher:Times 10 Publications

Bullying prevention and character building programs are deepening our awareness of how today’s kids struggle and how we might help, but many agree: They aren’t enough to create school cultures where students and staff flourish. This inspired Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray to begin seeking out systems and educators who were getting things right.

“This book is chock-full of easy-to-implement actions that are kind to you, your students, and the environment you’re creating in your classroom.” –Megan McDonough, CEO and Co-Founder, Wholebeing Institute

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