How Long Is a Whale? (Hardcover)

  • Title:How Long Is a Whale?: Wild Facts & Amazing Math (Hardcover)
  • Author:Alison Limentani
  • Publication Date:May 2017
  • Grade Level:PreK-2
  • ISBN:9781910716212
  • Publisher:Sterling Publishing

This perfect follow-up to How Much Does a Ladybug Weigh? gives kids a fun introduction to the concept of length and the size of underwater creatures.
10 sea otters are as long as . . .
9 yellowfin tuna, which are as long as . . .
8 California sea lions, which are as long as . . .
Have you ever wondered how long a whale is? What about a shark? Or a dolphin? Alison Limentani’s extraordinary and original picture book introduces children to a fascinating world of numbers, length, and underwater wildlife.
And the largest animal of all—the blue whale—gets a big gatefold!

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