How to Create High-Quality Assessments (Quick Reference Guide)

  • Title:How to Create High-Quality Assessments (Quick Reference Guide)
  • Author:Stronge & Associates
  • Publication Date:October 2017
  • ISBN:9781416625698
  • Publisher:ASCD

How do you determine whether your assessments are high-quality? How can you shift from assessing what is easy to assessing what is important? How to Create High-Quality Assessments is an essential guide for teachers at all levels who want to ensure that their assessments are effective, representative of content taught, and aligned to content objectives and learning outcomes. The Stronge & Associates team shares research about the importance of assessments and how assessment is changing. Delve into the whys and hows of creating and using an assessment blueprint, and explore the three main categories of assessment questions. The guide includes a sample blueprint; a checklist for determining assessment items' strength; and examples, nonexamples, and discussions of seven different test-question formats.

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