How to Look at Student Work to Uncover Student Thinking

  • Title:How to Look at Student Work to Uncover Student Thinking
  • Author:Susan M. Brookhart & Alice Oakley
  • Publication Date:April 2021
  • ISBN:9781416629887
  • Publisher:ASCD

Student work is the primary means of learning in most if not all classroom lessons and the primary source of evidence about that learning. Yet research shows that many educators look at student work more to ascertain its correctness rather than to delve into what it reveals about students' thought processes and understanding.

Are you picking up all your students' work is trying to tell you?

In How to Look at Student Work to Uncover Student Thinking, assessment expert Susan M. Brookhart and instructional coach Alice Oakley walk teachers through a better and more illuminating way to approach student work across grade levels and content areas. You'll learn to view students' assignments not as a verdict on right or wrong but as a window into what students "got" and how they are thinking about it. The insight you'll gain will help you

  • Infer what students are thinking,
  • Provide effective feedback,
  • Decide on next instructional moves, and
  • Grow as a professional.

Brookhart and Oakley then guide teachers through the next steps: clarify learning goals, increase the quality of classroom assessments, deepen your content and pedagogical knowledge, study student work with colleagues, and involve students in the formative learning cycle. The book's many authentic examples of student work and teacher insights, coaching tips, and reflection questions will help readers move from looking at student work for correctness to looking at student work as evidence of student thinking.

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