I was an Outer-Space Chicken

  • Title:I was an Outer-Space Chicken (Alien Math, Book 1) (Paperback)
  • Author:David Larochelle
  • Publication Date:July 2019
  • Grade Level:3-7
  • ISBN:9781454929215
  • Publisher:Sterling Publications

Math meets sci-fi in this clever chapter book about two numbers-loving friends and their alien adventures. The first in a new series!

Best friends Lamar and Lexie love math—and, in this first book in the Alien Math series, their skills come in handy when they're abducted by an extraterrestrial named Fooz. Fooz, unfamiliar with Earth life, mistakes the children for chickens . . . until Lamar and Lexie prove they're human by solving a tricky math problem. Fooz agrees to take them home, but on a side trip to a nearby planet to refuel, the two are captured by lumfurs, creatures that resemble Bigfoot. In order to escape and return to Fooz's ship and subsequently Earth, Lamar and Lexie must solve problems that require finding patterns, making estimates, and deciphering codes. Can the children pass the test and get home again?

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