Illustrated Guide to Visible Learning, The

  • Title:Illustrated Guide to Visible Learning, The
  • Author:John Allan Hattie, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Taylor Almarode
  • Publication Date:June 2024
  • Grade Level:PreK-12
  • ISBN:9781071953099
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

The Path to Truly Impactful Practice in Education Starts with Visible Learning

It may seem obvious, but learning should never be implied or assumed. Learning must be explicit, evaluated and monitored; the impact of teaching on student learning should be visible. But how can we be sure?

Armed with years of research that includes more than 2,100 meta-analyses, and 130,000 studies that include more than 300 million students—plus decades of experience as educators —bestselling authors John Hattie, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Almarode have collaborated to create this accessible guide to what works best to accelerate students' learning. Packed with everything you need to evaluate your impact, the Illustrated Guide to Visible Learning includes:

  • Clear instructions for collecting, interpreting, and using evidence to make decisions with and for your students
  • A primer on the 12 signature practices of Visible Learning
  • Research-backed mindframes that have the potential to significantly influence the quality of education
  • The full-length School Capacity Assessment tool—included and available for the first time—which allows you to evaluate where your school is on its Visible Learning journey.

To have the greatest impact on student learning, we must know what practices work best. With this illustrated go-to guide to Visible Learning in hand, your path is set for truly impactful practice in education.

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