Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools

  • Title:Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools
  • Author:Selena Fisk
  • Publication Date:April 2021
  • ISBN:9781951075934
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Data--done right--has the power to put schools on the path to true change. Rely on this research-backed resource to help you kickstart, implement, and sustain data-informed schoolwide transformation. There are many ways to use student data, and the author's 10 steps offer practical, clear methods for establishing a data team, collecting relevant data, identifying trends, and taking evidence-based action.

  • Learn what student data is and how it can be used to help schools.
  • Understand different methods of data collection and how to use those methods to gather relevant data.
  • Use gathered data and observed trends to determine what needs changing.
  • Implement effective data-informed change in your school.
  • Reflect and assess the results of the change, and make more changes as necessary.
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