Let's Go Now! Two Volume Set

  • Title:Let's Go: Two Volume Set
  • Author:Maureen Uclés
  • Publication Date:2021
  • Grade Level:4
  • ISBN:9780974062952
  • Publisher:Trail of Breadcrumbs

Aligned with the current TEKS, Let’s Go Now! is a complete writing program for the 4th grade writing block. In addition, many of the resources can be adapted for grades 3-5 and beyond. Based on the work of Gretchen Bernabei and the classroom research of Maureen Uclés, Let’s Go Now! not only contains a year-long blueprint for what needs to be taught over a 27-week period, but it also contains weekly lessons to teach grammar, spelling, and composition. This content prepares the students for the rigors of the STAAR Writing test, the STAAR 2022, and beyond in grades 3-5.

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