Life Skills for All Learners

  • Title:Life Skills for All Learners: How to Teach, Assess, and Report Education's New Essentials
  • Author:Antarina S. F. Amir, Thomas R. Guskey
  • Publication Date:January 2024
  • ISBN:9781416632467
  • Publisher:ASCD

The clearest guide yet to preparing today's students to succeed in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

Information societies—and life in general—require a host of skills beyond those found in the traditional school curriculum. Yet nearly a quarter of the way through the 21st century, educators are still looking for clarity on what these skills are and a comprehensive, whole-school model that explains how to teach and develop them; how to observe and assess them; and how to report learning progress to students, parents, and families. That wait is over.

In Life Skills for All Learners, authors Antarina S. F. Amir and Thomas R. Guskey, collaborating with a team of practitioner colleagues at HighScope Indonesia Institute, share a comprehensive, classroom-tested framework for teaching, assessing, and reporting eight of education's new essential skills:

  • Meta-Level Reflection

  • Expert Thinking

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Adaptability and Agility

  • Audience-Centered Communication

  • Synergistic Collaboration

  • Empathetic Social Skills

  • Ethical Leadership

Packed with targeted learning activities, grade- and subject-inclusive examples, and skill-specific rubrics mapping a continuum of deliberate development from the earliest elementary years through high school graduation, this resource provides teachers, school leaders, and curriculum developers with the practical advice and inspirational guidance they need to set up all students for lasting success.

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