Literacy's Democratic Roots

  • Title:Literacy's Democratic Roots: A Personal Tour Through Eight Big Ideas
  • Author:Thomas Newkirk
  • Publication Date:September 2023
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9780325161150
  • Publisher:Heinemann

Take a tour with author Tom Newkirk through eight big ideas in literacy instruction and their embodiment of democratic values. He explores ideas from the founders of the “writing renaissance,” 1975–1987, and the impact those ideas have had on teaching and learning. Central to the book is the belief that all students come through the school door with rich histories and interests—and as teachers we need to respect that richness and connect it to school goals.  He explains each of the eight ideas, argues for their importance, and draws on his own teaching practice/observations, including interviews from the next generation who have built upon those ideas.  He also tells a few stories along the way. This is an engaging book—personal and conversational—that celebrates teaching that can invite all students into the House of Literacy.

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