Making Curriculum Matter

  • Title:Making Curriculum Matter: How to Build SEL, Equity, and Other Priorities into Daily Instruction
  • Author:Angela Di Michele Lalor
  • Publication Date:July 2021
  • ISBN:9781416630234
  • Publisher:ASCD

At the heart of education are two fundamental questions: What should we teach? and How should we teach it? Educators striving to design and deliver the best-possible learning experiences can feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. To help them make these critical decisions, Angela Di Michele Lalor identifies five key priorities of a curriculum that matters--practices, deep thinking, social and emotional learning, civic engagement and discourse, and equity.

Emphasizing the importance of schools' determining their own path forward, Lalor provides a framework for action by

  • Describing how each element contributes to a rigorous, meaningful curriculum,
  • Providing strategies for incorporating each element into daily instruction and assessment, and
  • Offering reflection activities to identify strengths, needs, and possible next steps.

With insightful observations, research-based background information, and real-world examples from a variety of schools and districts, Making Curriculum Matter presents teachers and administrators with a path for reaching their most important overall goal: to provide comprehensive, meaningful learning to all students.


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