Math Workstations in Action: Powerful Possibilities for Engaged Learning in Grades 3–5

  • Title:Math Workstations in Action: Powerful Possibilities for Engaged Learning in Grades 3–5
  • Author:Nicki Newton
  • Publication Date:September 2017
  • Grade Level:3-5
  • ISBN:9781138675032
  • Publisher:Eye on Education

Learn how to incorporate math workstations into your elementary math classes. Math workstations allow students to engage in meaningful, independent math practice through student-driven games and activities, and can be implemented as part of a math workshop or in a traditional math class. In this book, bestselling author and consultant Nicki Newton shows you how to set up and manage math workstations for topics such as fluency, word problems, math vocabulary, and more. You’ll also learn how to differentiate the activities for all ability levels and promote rigorous instruction, enabling your students to get the most out of this fun and engaging instructional method. Topics include:

  • Teaching fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, and more with a variety of tools and hands-on activities;
  • Developing word problems and games to help students gain understanding of difficult mathematical concepts;
  • Using precise mathematical language to encourage clear communication and logical thinking;
  • Evaluating student competency and development with pre-assessments, anecdotals, checklists, and self-reflections;
  • Implementing new technologies to think through, explain, and present mathematical concepts.

Each chapter includes a variety of charts, tools, and practice problems that you can use in the classroom immediately, and the strategies can be easily adapted for students at all levels of math fluency across grades 3–5.

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