Meeting Goals

  • Title:Meeting Goals: Protocols for Leading Effective, Purpose-Driven Discussions in Schools
  • Author:Thomas M. Van Soelen
  • Publication Date:April 2021
  • ISBN:9781951075736
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

When used effectively, discussion protocols have the power to help educators cultivate highly impactful, collaborative spaces. Learn how you can lead structured and productive discussions in your own learning community with Meeting Goals. The author provides scaffolds for frequently used protocols as well as examples of protocol application. Both new and veteran educators can rely on this resource to help them facilitate constructive meetings and, as a group, catalyze great work.

  • Improve your group facilitation skills and expertise.
  • Enhance instructional coaching and feedback for teachers and teacher groups through meaningful protocols.
  • Study detailed instructions and scaffolds for specific protocols to meet clear, desired outcomes of collaboration.
  • Experience more moments of connection and transformation in groups with effective leadership and a purpose-driven agenda.
  • Examine specific language, practical situations, and clarifying questions for implementing discussion protocols.
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