Miss, I Don't Give a Sh*t

  • Title:Miss, I Don't Give a Sh*t: Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools
  • Author:Adele Bates
  • Publication Date:November 2021
  • ISBN:9781529731569
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Do you want to be an inspiring teacher for everyone you teach, even the trickier cherubs in your class? Or maybe you just want to get through a lesson without a desk flying at you or a blazer being set alight?

In this down-to-earth book Adele Bates shares practical approaches, strategies and tips from the classroom on how to help pupils with behavioural needs thrive with their education. Packed full of real-life classroom scenarios, student voice and relevant theory, every chapter offers an Action Box helping you to implement these strategies – next lesson, next week and long term. 

From relationship building and teaching self-regulation, to fostering inclusivity, paying attention to your own self-care and schoolwide approaches, Adele Bates unpicks some of the most difficult aspects of being a teacher and empowers you to grow as a confident classroom professional.

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