Mootilda's Bad Mood

  • Title:Mootilda's Bad Mood (Hardcover)
  • Author:Corey Rosen Schwartz, Kirsti Call
  • Publication Date:September 2020
  • Grade Level:PreK-2
  • ISBN:9781499810868
  • Publisher:Simon & Schuster

"I'm in a bad MOOOOOOD!"

Mootilda's in a bad mooood! She wakes up on the wrong side of the the barn and experiences one ca-lamb-ity after another. She skips and trips and spills milk everywhere. She tries to alley-oop but misses the hoop, and there's a big crash at the chicken coop. Her day has been terri-bull! Is there any way Mootilda can turn her bad mooood around?


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