On-Your-Feet Guide to Visible Learning: In-Lesson Feedback

  • Title:On-Your-Feet Guide to Visible Learning: In-Lesson Feedback
  • Author:Shirley Clarke, John Hattie
  • Publication Date:June 2019
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781544385181
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Everyone knows that feedback works, and yet not everyone does feedback well. It’s especially hard to give feedback during a class session. This helpful guide will help teachers provide on-the-go feedback that:

  • Aligns to learning intentions and success criteria
  • Is delivered at just the right time
  • Matches a learner’s stage of learning (surface, deep, or transfer)


Author Bio

John Hattie is an award-winning education researcher and best-selling author. His research, better known as Visible Learning, is a culmination of nearly 30 years synthesizing more than 1,500 meta-analyses comprising more than 90,000 studies involving over 300 million students around the world.

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