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  • Title:Patterns of Revision, Grade 6: Inviting 6th Graders into Conversations That Elevate Writing
  • Author:Travis Leech, Jeff Anderson
  • Publication Date:8/15/2024
  • Grade Level:6
  • ISBN:9781625316370
  • Publisher:Taylor & Francis Group

How do we get sixth-grade writers to revise? And once we do get them thinking about revision, what, exactly, do they do? What do we do? In Patterns of Revision, best-selling authors Travis Leech and Jeff Anderson answer these questions and more. This practical resource uses the research-proven and classroom-tested methods of sentence combining in a meaningful, engaging way that supports authentic writing as well as performance-based or multiple-choice test items.
Flip the book open to immediately to find:

  • The DRAFT mnemonic to help students know where to begin the revision process and how to keep going.
  • Concrete, doable lessons that spark academic conversations about meaning, effect, and purpose that are grounded in a student-centered revision approach.
  • Easily accessed displays and printables to seamlessly support student revision learning, embedded in each lesson right where you need it.
  • Authentic and engaging model text excerpts curated to support each lesson.
  • An engaging process for revision instruction that can be immediately implemented to support any writing approach, or as a supplemental resource for Patterns of Power, 6-8.

With every lesson grounded in the critical strategy of writers talking out their revisions, Patterns of Revision will establish routines, practices, and mindsets to set you and your students up for success from Day 1. Discover the joy inherent in writing – and writing instruction – when we explore revision through engaging inquiry and the study of models, building flexible, competent revisors, step-by-step, in an open-ended discussion of meaning driven revision choices and their effects.

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