Power of Voice in Schools, The

  • Title:Power of Voice in Schools, The: Listening, Learning, and Leading Together
  • Author:Russ Quaglia, Kristine Fox, Lisa Lande, Deborah Young
  • Publication Date:May 2020
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781416628996
  • Publisher:ASCD

For nearly four decades, Russ Quaglia has been laying the groundwork to inform, reform, and transform schools through student voice. That deep commitment is reflected in this inspirational book.

Quaglia and his coauthors at the Quaglia Institute for School Voice & Aspirations deftly synthesize the thoughts and feelings of hundreds of thousands of stakeholders and offer a vision for schools where everyone’s voice matters. They posit that students, teachers, administrators, and parents must work and learn together in ways that promote deep understanding and creativity.

Making this collaborative effort successful, however, requires widespread recognition that all stakeholders have something to teach, and they all have a role to play in moving the entire school forward.

We must abandon the “us versus them” fallacy in education; there is only “us.” To that end, The Power of Voice in Schools offers a way forward that can be used in any school and:

  • Addresses the importance of everyone’s voice in the school community.
  • Articulates the lessons learned from listening to these voices over the past decade.
  • Suggests concrete, practical strategies for combined teams of students, teachers, parents, and administrators to make a difference together.

This book reflects the dream of a true partnership in listening, learning, and leading together. When the potential of voice is fully realized, schools will look and feel different. Cooperation will replace competition and conflict, collaboration will replace isolation, and confidence will replace insecurity. Most important, the entire school community will work in partnership with one another for the well-being of students and teachers.


Author Bio

Dr. Russell J. Quaglia is a globally recognized pioneer in the field of education, known for his unwavering dedication to student voice and aspirations. His innovative work is evidenced by an extensive library of research-based publications, prominent international speaking appearances, and a successfully growing list of aspirations ventures.

Dr. Kristine Fox is a Senior Field Specialist/Research Associate for the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations. As a qualitative researcher, she continually conducts focus groups with students and teachers to better understand the current status of voice in schools. Dr. Fox has a passion for working with teachers and administrators to improve the teaching and learning environment for all learners. 

Dr. Lisa L. Lande is the executive director of the Teacher Voice and Aspirations International Center (TVAIC). Dr. Lande has provided professional development services to PreK–12 schools throughout the United States, Canada, England, and the Middle East.

Deborah Young is the director of operations and a program specialist for the Quaglia Institute. She holds a strong belief that mutual respect between teachers and students is essential to fostering students' aspirations and that a key component of developing a positive, respectful learning environment is honoring the voices of all stakeholders.

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