Raising the Rigor

  • Title:Raising the Rigor Effective Questioning Strategies and Techniques for the Classroom
  • Author:Eileen Depka
  • Publication Date:February 2017
  • ISBN:9781942496984
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

This book shares instructional practices that educators can use to respond to students’ diverse needs as they develop 21st century skills. Choose the right strategies to best help students expand their knowledge and skills. Use questioning techniques to build connections between students and their learning. Explore example situations, templates, and strategies to promote students’ higher-order thinking skills and deepen their engagement.

  • Discover how questioning can promote the traits that students need to succeed in college and their careers.
  • Provide supports that help students reach deep levels of understanding.
  • Explore how to deconstruct standards and standards-based questions.
  • Create a classroom climate that fosters collaboration and constructive discussions.
  • Use templates, surveys, and checklists to plan instruction, deconstruct academic standards, assess student engagement, and collect data.
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