Reading Strategies Book 2.0 Companion Charts, The

  • Title:The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 Companion Charts
  • Author:Jennifer Serravallo
  • Publication Date:June 2023
  • Grade Level:K-8
  • ISBN:9780325171081
  • Publisher:Heinemann

The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 Companion Charts includes: 

  • 300+ enlarged charts from The Reading Strategies Book 2.0 in full color
  • Full-color laminated dividers for each chapter that make it easy to flip, find, and teach strategies
  • Spiral-bound setup for ease of use
  • Free-standing tabletop flip chart or under document camera display

The Companion Charts are invaluable for educators of all experience levels. A complement to The Reading Strategies Book 2.0, the interactive and enlarged charts are perfect for small-group, conferring, or whole-class lessons.


Using Jennifer Serravallo's research-aligned resources together, you'll be able to:

  • save valuable planning and preparation time
  • make demonstrations and explanations of strategies easier
  • provide students with visual anchors to reference as they practice their reading skills
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