Recalibrate The Culture

  • Title:Recalibrate The Culture: Our Why...Our Work...Our Values
  • Author:Jimmy Casas
  • Publication Date:September 2020
  • ISBN:9798986069050
  • Publisher:ConnectEDD

In Recalibrate the Culture, author Jimmy Casas examines the challenges that teachers, leaders, and schools face and shares his assessment on what makes the difference in the overall culture of a school - why do some continue to show positive results while others continue to struggle to maintain a healthy learning environment for all students and staff? This book provides the necessary strategies and tools to assist all teachers, principals, and district office administrators in exploring our inner selves to understand the role we each play in how we can impact the climate and culture of an entire campus when we are strategic and aligned in our practices. The classroom, building, and district levels must see themselves as one and must be intentional in replicating the processes, protocols, and frameworks provided in this book to recalibrate and bring about system-wide change and cultivate a healthier culture.

When we equip our people with a new way of thinking and strategies for approaching their work, we can revitalize our schools and make an immediate positive impact on the culture of every classroom and school across the country.

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