Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work® (2/e)

  • Title:Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work®, Second Edition: Proven Insights for Sustained, Substantive School Improvement
  • Author:Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Mike Mattos, Anthony Muhammad
  • Publication Date:April 2021
  • ISBN:9781952812576
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Learn how to sustain the work of collaborative teams to ensure best practices in instruction, assessment, intervention, and more.

This new edition of a classic work is written for educators invested in the moral imperative to do what’s right for all students. The authors work from the mindset that PLC at Work® is a continuous process of school improvement. The result is a revelation of best practices affirmed by the latest research and a confirmation of the power of the three big ideas and four critical questions of this proven process.

  • Discover new ideas and perspectives on school leadership and school culture.
  • Delve into greater specificity on what issues Professional Learning Communities at Work® can positively impact.
  • Learn how to effectively provide extra time and support for students who struggle and extensions for those who have already reached their learning goals.
  • Understand what research shows is ineffective for student success and why such practices should be discontinued.
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