Riveting Read Alouds for Middle School

  • Title:Riveting Read-Alouds for Middle School: 35 Selections Guaranteed to Spark Deep Thinking, Meaningful Discussion, and Powerful Writing
  • Author:Janet Allen, Patrick Daley
  • Publication Date:January 2017
  • Grade Level:6-8
  • ISBN:9780545096003
  • Publisher:Scholastic

Why read aloud to students in middle school? Reading aloud exposes them to a wide variety of text types and genres, builds background knowledge, models effective reading behaviors, and more. The selections in this book have been carefully chosen to appeal to diverse students and boost their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Each selection comes with a teaching page that includes discussion and writing prompts and more. A powerful way to cultivate students’ love of reading!


Author Bio

Janet Allen is an international consultant recognized for her comprehensive work in reading education. After teaching reading and English for nearly twenty years in Maine, Janet relocated to the University of Central Florida where she taught reading, writing and English education courses; directed the Central Florida Writing Project; and, assisted in the creation of the Orange County Literacy Project. She is now a full-time researcher, writer, and consultant in schools and districts involved in rethinking their approaches to literacy and learning.

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