Road to Reading

  • Title:Road to Reading: A Program for Preventing and Remediating Reading Difficulties
  • Author:Benita A. Blachman, Ph.D., Darlene M. Tangel, Ph.D.
  • Publication Date:January 2008
  • ISBN:9781557669049
  • Publisher:Brookes Publishing

It’s here! The highly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling Road to the Code takes reading instruction to the next level.

This innovative literacy program for students in grades 1–3 is committed to helping all children develop accuracy and fluency in decoding. Ideal for students who can demonstrate beginning levels of phonemic awareness and who know some letter names and sounds, Road to Reading targets the next crucial skills, including word identification, oral reading, and dictation. The program can also be adapted for older struggling readers. The easy-to-follow teacher’s guide facilitates lesson planning for six levels of instruction that increase in complexity as students progress.

In tune with the demands on today’s educators, Road to Reading offers the best and most up-to-date methods. Teachers will

  • feel confident knowing that the program is extensively tested and validated by recognized leaders in the field
  • ensure administrative acceptance and support as the program meets all criteria for Reading First
  • stay on the cutting edge with a plan that is grounded in the fast-growing and highly effective Response to Intervention model, which helps catch struggling readers before they fail
  • enjoy flexibility and efficiency with a resource that is ideal for use with small groups or one-to-one, in as little as 30–40 minutes per day
  • retain control and have options to use the plan with any core reading program or as the primary reading program for classes in which many students are experiencing reading difficulties

Plus, get more than 200 pages of supplementary materials including word cards, sound packs and assessment and lesson plan forms—everything needed to implement the program. (Available on an accompanying CD-ROM or via digital download.)

Destined to join ranks with the most relied-upon literacy resources, Road to Reading will help teachers empower students with the skills they need to succeed and bring their struggling students up to grade level.

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