• Title:SOUL!: Fulfilling the Promise of Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader
  • Author:Timothy D. Kanold
  • Publication Date:February 2021
  • ISBN:9781951075651
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

A professional wellness and self-reflection resource for educators at every grade level

A highly anticipated companion to the wildly popular HEART!SOUL! empowers educators to take another giant leap toward fulfilling their professional promise. Refreshing and research affirmed, this resource leads readers on a deeply rewarding journey toward discovering their soul story—the pursuit of their moral good in order to create good in others. It also includes dozens of stories from real educators, as well as ample space for journaling and self-reflection.

  • Become more confident, joyful, whole, healthy, and balanced in your professional life.
  • Explore the four actions of SOUL—searching, overcoming, unifying, and living—that will help you sustain a fulfilling professional life.
  • Learn the concept of a soul story, diving into what it is and why it is so important to your well-being and emotional health.
  • Understand your own soul story, and reflect on how you can use it to create good in others.
  • Learn how to overcome challenges and obstacles that hinder you from fulfilling your soul story.
  • Discover how to create a positive, thriving school culture focused on meaningful relationships and collaboration.
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