Smart from the Start

  • Title:Smart from the Start: 100 Tools for Teaching with Confidence
  • Author:James H. Stronge, Jessica M. Straessle, Xianxuan Xu
  • Publication Date:July 2023
  • ISBN:9781416631941
  • Publisher:ASCD

The ultimate new teacher's guide to surviving and thriving in the classroom, Smart from the Start is the springboard to help you establish and improve your practice in meaningful ways.

Teachers have a wide range of responsibilities—not all of which can be addressed in teacher preparation programs—and for new and returning educators especially, it can be daunting to think about all that is required throughout the school year. This book provides more than 100 easy-to-incorporate tools spread across six major points of concern:

  • Beginning of the year: set up your classroom and establish rules and procedures.

  • Classroom management: establish a healthy learning environment.

  • Instructional planning: lead high-quality lessons and anticipate students' diverse needs.

  • Student engagement: motivate students and maintain their quality of learning.

  • Assessment: align assessment with curriculum and instruction and build rubrics and tests.

  • Teacher well-being: find the joy in teaching and take care of yourself.

Your first few years of teaching don't have to be formidable or confusing. James H. Stronge, Jessica M. Straessle, and Xianxuan Xu have synthesized decades of research to identify and carefully consider the attributes of the job that especially relate to new teachers. With Smart from the Start, you can take your first steps into teaching with confidence and create a classroom environment that will benefit your students.

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