Social Emotional Stories

  • Title:Social Emotional Stories: Lessons and Learning from Plants and Animals
  • Author:Barbara A. Lewis
  • Publication Date:February 2021
  • Grade Level:2-5
  • ISBN:9781631985140
  • Publisher:Free Spirit Publishing

Storytelling is a learning device used by humans for centuries, and for good reason: storytelling is one of the best ways to increase critical thinking skills and social emotional learning (SEL). Social Emotional Stories combines storytelling with thought-provoking lessons and activities to help elementary students improve their self-esteem, increase their engagement with school, and give them a sense of empowerment. The book contains 24 individual lessons that include:

  • An SEL objective with specific keywords like “inner strength,” “problem solving,” and “responsibility”
  • An engaging story that focuses on a distinctive quality of either a plant (like the inner strength of bamboo) or an animal (like the courage of a pig)
  • Multiple activities that are quick, easy, and require few supplies to help kids identify and dive deeper into the specific SEL concepts represented. 

Educators can use these lessons individually with students, in small groups, or with an entire class. The lessons are interdisciplinary and flexible, with only minimal prep time required, allowing educators to adapt them for their situation. Extensive digital content supports the lessons with reproducible forms and a full-color photo of each plant and animal.

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