Step Into Student Goal Setting

  • Title:Step Into Student Goal Setting: A Path to Growth, Motivation, and Agency
  • Author:Chase Nordengren
  • Publication Date:January 2022
  • ISBN:9781071855201
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Using Goals to Amplify Student Learning

Step Into Student Goal Setting provides an action plan for answering the question: What does this student know and how do I build from it?

Research-driven and practical, this guide shows teachers how to integrate formative assessment, student metacognition, and motivational strategies to make goal setting an integral instructional strategy. Author Chase Nordengren weaves research and case studies with practical strategies to demonstrate how goal setting, with clear learning intentions and plenty of scaffolded support by teachers, can lead to high learning growth and student agency.

Readers will find:

  • Actionable strategies for incorporating goal setting in instructional practice
  • Tips for using goals as motivational strategies to drive learning growth
  • Guidance on how to coach students through setting their own goals – recalibrating and celebrating along the way
  • Vignettes and examples to demonstrate what goal setting looks like in the classroom

By demonstrating how to set, monitor, and evaluate goals, this guide equips teachers with the tools they need to help students take ownership of their learning journeys.

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