Stories Matter

  • Title:Stories Matter: The Complexity of Cultural Authenticity in Children's Literature
  • Author:Dana Fox, Kathy Short
  • Publication Date:2003
  • Grade Level:K-8
  • ISBN:9780814147443
  • Publisher:NCTE

This collection highlights important historical events, current debates, and new questions and critiques in the controversial issue of cultural authenticity in children’s literature. Contributors include authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, educators, librarians, and scholars, including Rudine Sims Bishop, Jacqueline Woodson, Susan Guevara, Kathryn Lasky, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Joel Taxel, and Mingshui Cai. Essays address the social responsibility of authors, the role of imagination and experience in writing for young people, cultural sensitivity and values, authenticity of content and images, authorial freedom, and the role of literature in an education that is multicultural. A notable feature of the book is the interaction between contributors: writers refer to the texts, ideas, and stances of others in the volume, making it a valuable resource for practicing teachers, prospective teachers, librarians, teacher educators, or anyone who uses literature with young people.

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