Student-Focused Coaching

  • Title:Student-Focused Coaching: The Instructional Coach's Guide to Supporting Student Success Through Teacher Collaboration
  • Author: Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., Daryl Michel, Ph.D.
  • Publication Date:2021
  • ISBN:9781681254944
  • Publisher:Brookes Publishing

A widely used, highly effective approach to student success, Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) helps instructional coaches and teachers work collaboratively to improve student outcomes using evidence-based practices. This is your one-stop, step-by-step guide to instructional coaching in K–12 schools using the field-tested, research-based SFC model.

Featuring a foreword by Jim Knight, the leading voice on instructional coaching, this book was coauthored by the lead developer of the SFC model (Jan Hasbrouck) and an experienced instructional coach and trainer (Daryl Michel). These expert authors help you master the three key roles of coaching: Facilitator, Collaborative Problem-Solver, and Teacher/Learner. You’ll discover how to build respectful and mutually beneficial professional relationships with every teacher—from the most eager to the most reluctant—and work together to help all students learn and thrive in the classroom. To help you put the SFC model into action, the book offers practical activities and materials, including application exercises, reflection exercises, virtual coaching tips, and 20+ pages of ready-to-use downloadable forms.


  • Partner with teachers to tackle a range of classroom challenges—academic, behavioral, and social-emotional
  • Develop collaborative communication skills to help you navigate even the most challenging conversations
  • Work with teachers to set and achieve goals by identifying, selecting, and implementing evidence-based interventions
  • Help teachers support struggling students with goal-based, targeted, and intensive instruction
  • Improve time management skills using a four-step, systematic problem-solving process
  • Collect different types of data and use it to give helpful feedback to the teachers you work with
  • Design continuous professional learning opportunities that meet individual teacher needs
  • Deliver support to administrators to make the most of the benefits coaches can provid

PRACTICAL DOWNLOADS: The book includes access to 20+ pages of downloadable materials for coaches, including worksheets, checklists, tracking sheets, and self-assessments.

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