Students With Interrupted Formal Education

  • Title:Students With Interrupted Formal Education: Bridging Where They Are and What They Need
  • Author:Brenda Custodio, Judith O'Loughlin
  • Publication Date:March 2017
  • Grade Level:k-12
  • ISBN:9781506359656
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Under the best of circumstances, the academic demands of today’s classrooms can be daunting to our English learners. But for the tens of thousands of newly arrived students with interrupted formal education, even the social challenges can be outright overwhelming.

Rely on this all-in-one guide from Brenda Custodio and Judith O’Loughlin for expert insight on how to build the skills these students need for success in school and beyond. Inside you’ll find

  • Essential background on factors leading to interrupted education Specific focus on refugee children and Latino immigrants
  • Guidance on building internal resilience for long-term social and emotional health
  • Recommendations for creating supportive environments at the classroom, school, and district level

About one thing, Brenda and Judith are absolutely convinced: our SIFE students can learn and make progress, often at a remarkable speed. But it’s up to us, their educators, to provide the time, attention, and a specific focus. Consider this book your first step forward.

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