Teacher's Guide to Writing Workshop Essentials, A : Time, Choice, Response

  • Title:Teacher's Guide to Writing Workshop Essentials, A : Time, Choice, Response
  • Author:Katherine Bomer, Corinne Arens, Edited by Katie Wood Ray
  • Publication Date:2020
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • ISBN:9780325099729
  • Publisher:Heinemann

*How can I get started with writing workshop, or refine my workshop?

*What are the essential elements of a writing workshop?

*How can I create daily structures and routines that support writers?

In this foundational guide, Katherine Bomer and Corinne Arens describe the elegant simplicity of a Writing Workshop focused on just three essentials—time, choice, and response. Based on the research-based belief that children learn to write best when we provide a predictable, daily structure for writing, Katherine and Corinne introduce teachers to the rituals and routines of writing workshop and suggest ways to take small, incremental steps toward implementing them.

Shared from the viewpoint of two veteran educators who understand the issues and obstacles teachers face day to day, A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Workshop Essentials also serves as a refresher for experienced workshop teachers looking for a chance to refocus, clarify, and extend the work in their practice. If your teaching has become more complicated and more focused on curriculum than on the writers sitting in front of you, if you’re not sure what your students really need to support them as writers, or if you’re just not sure how to get started with Writing Workshop, this guide is for you.


Author Bio

Corinne Arens, Ed.D., is a district-level Instructional Coach for Writing in the Blue Spring School District, Blue Springs, Missouri. She is a teacher consultant for the Greater Kansas City Writing Project and has served on multiple state-level committees.

Katherine Bomer is a teacher, an internationally-known consultant and frequent keynote speaker, as well as a published poet and essayist. She has worked with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project as a professional developer for fifteen years. A classroom teacher for ten years, she now works with teachers in elementary and middle schools throughout the country.

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