Teaching Fantasy Writing -- Coming 7/16/2024

  • Title:Teaching Fantasy Writing
  • Author:Carl Anderson
  • Publication Date:July 2024
  • Grade Level:PreK-12
  • ISBN:9781071910320
  • Publisher:Corwin Literacy

Teaching fantasy writing increases student engagement, enables them to flex their creative muscles – and helps them learn important narrative writing skills.

Opportunities for kids to lean into their innate creativity and imagination have been squeezed out of most school days, due to the pressures of standardized testing. And writing instruction has become more and more formulaic. In Teaching Fantasy Writing, Carl Anderson shows you how to include a study of fantasy writing in your writing curriculum that will engage student interest and creativity -- and make writing exciting for them again.

Teaching Fantasy Writing is a game-changer. The fantasy genre gives children tools for expression that other genres don’t, providing them with a powerful way to work through challenging issues and emotions. And it also offers students the opportunity to address subjects such as gaining confidence in oneself, bullying, fighting injustice – and more.

Plus, fantasy writing helps kids learn the skills necessary to meet narrative writing standards. And they’ll have fun doing it!

If you’re an elementary school teacher who wants to help your students develop their writing skills by studying a high-interest, high-impact genre, you’ve come to the right place. In Teaching Fantasy Writing, Carl Anderson will:

  • Discuss why fantasy writing develops students’ creativity, increases their engagement in writing, and accelerates their growth as writers
  • Walk you through fantasy units for students in grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-6, which include detailed lessons you can teach to help students write beautiful and powerful fantasy stories
  • Suggest mentor texts that will show students how to craft their fantasy stories.
  • Show you examples of students’ fantasy writing, including the “worldbuilding” work they do before writing drafts
  • Explain how you can modify the units and lessons to fit the needs of the students in your classroom

By teaching fantasy writing, you can reignite the spark of creativity in your students and increase their joy in writing. Imagine the possibilities!

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