Teaching, Learning, and Trauma, Grades 6-12

  • Title:Teaching, Learning, and Trauma, Grades 6-12: Responsive Practices for Holding Steady in Turbulent Times
  • Author:Brooke O'Drobinak, Beth Kelley
  • Publication Date:July 2020
  • Grade Level:6-12
  • ISBN:9781544362892
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Transform challenging classroom experiences into opportunities for lasting student-teacher relationships, professional growth, and student engagement 

Chronic stress and trauma have startling effects on teachers and students alike. From behavior issues and emotional dysregulation to decreased readiness to learn, stress and anxiety make it difficult for students to engage, learn, and maintain healthy self-esteem. 

In Teaching, Learning, and Trauma, the authors guide you through the process of creating a learning environment that combats the negative effects of chronic stress and trauma. They show you how to establish rituals and routines, develop personalization, and implement effective student engagement practices that create a relationship-based culture and effectively improve student achievement. This book includes:

  • Self-assessment tools to help teachers make informed decisions
  • Examples of self-care plans and schoolwide policies for maintaining healthy boundaries in and out of school
  • Real-world vignettes and samples of teacher work
  • Planning documents and reflection questions to guide educators in identifying strengths and growth areas

Using a synergistic approach, this book unites compelling research data, theories, stories, and best practices from trauma-informed schools, relationship-based psychology, and effective instructional design to dissolve obstacles caused by chronic stress and trauma.

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