Teaching Race

  • Title:Teaching Race: How to help students unmask and challenge racism
  • Author:Stephen D. Brookfield
  • Publication Date:November 2018
  • ISBN:9781119374428
  • Publisher:John Wiley

The complete, contemporary guide to teaching anti-racism at college and universityTeaching Race is the authoritative resource of knowledge, techniques, and exercises for instructors seeking to help students unmask and challenge racism. This brilliantly straightforward guidebook shows teachers how to cultivate "brave spaces" in which students examine how racism is learned and practiced. It offers numerous tools, techniques and strategies to move students to an anti-racist identity where they call out bias, recognize microaggressions in themselves and others, and hold communities and institutions accountable for embedded racism.

Teaching about race is emotionally charged and contentious, so college instructors need a dependable resource to help them:

  • Facilitate respectful student dialogue on race
  • Address how white educators can teach authentically about race
  • Guide students to recognize their own biases, identities, and the intersectionality present in seemingly homogenous groups
  • Deal with the unexpected missteps every teacher makes when developing anti-racist practice

Under the editorial direction of teaching expert Stephen Brookfield, an outstanding group of contributing teaching and learning specialists share their most effective approaches and activities to engage reluctant students in examining racism.

Keep this convenient reference at your fingertips and it will quickly become the most useful tool in your classroom. Use it as a source of real-world tips, techniques and exercises to bring group discussions to life and address the conflict that often arises. If you need advice about modeling anti-racist behavior or sequencing activities to take students deeper into an analysis of racism, this go-to source has multiple suggestions and activities.

Unless you are actively pushing against racist attitudes and systemic structures, you're passively supporting their existence; so influence tomorrow's leaders today with Teaching Race.

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