Teaching for Biliteracy

  • Title:Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages
  • Author:Karen Beeman, Cheryl Urow
  • Publication Date:December 2012
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781934000090
  • Publisher:Caslon

Bridge for cross-language transfer!

Beeman and Urow introduce the powerful notion of the Bridge to the biliteracy field in this practical professional development guide for teachers, administrators, and leadership teams. The Bridge is the instructional moment when teachers purposefully bring the two languages together, strategically guiding bilingual learners to

  • Transfer the academic content they have learned in one language to the other
  • Engage in contrastive analysis
  • Develop academic English and Spanish across the content areas
  • Read and write grade-level texts across the curriculum
  • Develop metalinguistic awareness

The biliteracy unit framework featured in this book is compatible with literacy frameworks and programs used in K-12 schools today.


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