Text Structures Comic Book Pages

  • Title:Text Structures Comic Book Pages
  • Author:Gretchen Bernabei, original artwork by Paul Erickson
  • Publication Date:2019
  • ISBN:9780974062945
  • Publisher:Trail of Breadcrumbs

Welcome to the comic book version of the world of text structures and kernel essays!

Kernel essays are a technique used to break down writing to simple, concrete, easy steps that anyone can use. It trains a brain to think in chunks of text, which is helpful for reading analytically, for building reading endurance, and for pre-planninga liece of writing that will end up offering readers a glimpse into someone's "movement of the mind," as Thomas Newkirk put it. You can't tell what someone else is thinking by looking at them. And if we could use words to show someone else what we think, and why we think it, then we have a little story about how our minds have moved. That's what writing is supposed to do - connect people with other people so we can understand each other better.

Writing has morphed into all different forms, and if students are creating texts, with or without illustrations, then they are preparing for a world they will invent.


Author Bio

A popular workshop presenter and winner of NCTE’s James Moffett Award in 2010, Gretchen Bernabei has taught middle school and high school for 34 years. She has devoted her professional life to learning, developing, and sharing best practices, particularly through the National Writing Projects.

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