Think Differently To Achieve Amazing Success!

  • Title:Think Differently To Achieve Amazing Success!
  • Author:Dr. Kevin C. Snyder
  • Publication Date:August 2012
  • ISBN:9781479111725
  • Publisher:Create Space

In order to reach your highest potential, empower others and persevere through adversity to lead a fulfilling life, you must think differently. This book will help you do just that! You'll also learn lessons from extraordinary leaders and secrets from those who have inspired the world.

The way we think determines how we feel, and how we feel dictates how we act. Our thoughts manifest an outcome, and our actions and behaviors can be changed at any moment simply by recognizing the power of our thoughts. This book, Think Differently, will help you achieve the dreams and results you have always wanted!

Dr. Kevin Snyder has taught over 500,000 people how to identify their passions, transform their leadership effectiveness, and break through adversity. He helps people identify where they want to be and a path to fill the gap in the middle.

Kevin earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership, has written several books, and has spoken for over 1,150 audiences in all 50 states and numerous countries.

Through his speaking, consulting and books, he teaches universal leadership principles proving how anyone can achieve extraordinary success. Regardless of your age, position or circumstance, the powerful stories and strategies revealed in this book will empower you to “think differently” about any challenge you face. Your life is about to be influenced!

Think Differently will teach you:
• the most fundamentally important leadership secrets
• how to condition your mind for success despite adversity
• to identify your passion and live with more intention
• that you already have what you need to be extraordinary


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