Thinking Protocols for Learning

  • Title:Thinking Protocols for Learning
  • Author:Janelle Wills
  • Publication Date:March 2021
  • ISBN:9781951075972
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Your guide to fostering critical thinking and increasing student engagement with 21st Century Skills

Grow students into creative, ethical, and critical thinkers who confidently navigate our changing world. In this comprehensive guide, the author brings together strategies for teaching thinking skills, designing group activities, and promoting a collaborative classroom environment. Begin using these ideas in your own classroom, and watch your students flourish as they learn to question, explore multiple answers, and consider multiple perspectives.

  • Understand the development and applications of metacognition.
  • Learn how to teach various thinking skills, including critical, creative, and ethical thinking.
  • Facilitate strong group dialogue among students.
  • Explore problem solving and problem posing in order to encourage thinking-skill usage among students.
  • Embed practical strategies for teaching critical thinking skills into everyday classwork.
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