Understanding Differentiated Instruction (Quick Reference Guide)

  • Title:Understanding Differentiated Instruction (Quick Reference Guide)
  • Author:Carol Ann Tomlinson
  • Publication Date:May 2017
  • ISBN:9781416624226
  • Publisher:ASCD

Differentiated instruction is not a strategy but an approach to education—one that’s built on honoring the differences in the students we teach and helping each of them realize their potential. In this six-page laminated guide from renowned expert and best-selling author Carol Ann Tomlinson, teachers will find:

  • An overview of differentiated instruction’s key terms, philosophy, principles, and practices.
  • Critical pointers for effective, proactive lesson planning that will improve students’ access to content, enhance their ability to make sense of it, and ensure they’re able to accurately show what they know.
  • Insight into the role that formative assessment plays in differentiated instruction.
  • Tips for establishing the classroom routines that make differentiation work.
  • A collection of strategies for differentiating in response to readiness, interest, and learning profile.

Featuring FAQs and specific recommendations for getting started and getting better, this is a perfect introductory resource for teachers interested in understanding how to better reach and teach all the students in their classrooms.

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