Vocabulary in a SNAP

  • Title:Vocabulary in a SNAP: 100+ Lessons for Elementary Instruction
  • Author:Angela Peery
  • Publication Date:July 2017
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • ISBN:9781943874903
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Elementary educators face crucial questions when shaping their vocabulary instruction—what words to target and how to foster self-directed student learning. This innovative resource provides more than 100 research-based mini-lessons that help teachers efficiently shape instruction, each taking no more than 20 minutes of instructional time. Teachers can modify these flexible, effective templates to fit their curriculum and their students’ needs.

  • Explore more than 100 short, memorable mini-lessons for vocabulary instruction that can be adapted to fit diverse curricula.
  • Obtain suggestions for scaffolding and accelerating each mini-lesson to meet students’ individual needs.
  • Target the most crucial root words, prefixes, and suffixes in the English language to best employ instructional time.
  • Find helpful resources for vocabulary instruction, such as websites and applications.
  • Peruse appendices that alphabetically list all the words featured in the mini-lessons and detail the research-based instructional strategies used.
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