Why Culture Counts

  • Title:Why Culture Counts: Teaching Children of Poverty
  • Author: Donna Walker Tileston, Sandra K. Darling
  • Publication Date:August 2008
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781934009246
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Learn a four-step research-based program for differentiating instruction based on the cultural needs, beliefs, and values of diverse learners. The authors show you how to build teacher background knowledge; plan for differentiation; and differentiate context, content, process, product, and assessment. This book provides an opportunity for the education community to engage students at risk whom our schools have often failed.

  • Create a culturally responsive classroom.
  • Understand the difference between collectivist and individualist learners.
  • Learn how to differentiate for context, content and product, process, and assessment.
  • Discover how the brain processes learning tasks.
  • Build resilience in students at risk.
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