You’re a Teacher Now! What’s Next?

  • Title:You’re a Teacher Now! What’s Next?
  • Author:Tom Hierck, Alex Kajitani
  • Publication Date:January 2024
  • ISBN:9781958590553
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Teacher tips for classroom management, relationship building, effective instruction, and self-care

Introducing your guide to navigating the seemingly endless swirl of questions facing new and veteran teachers. Trusted education experts Tom Hierck and Alex Kajitani draw from their experiences to offer research-backed tools and strategies in an easily referenced FAQ format. With wit and wisdom, they address the aspects of teaching that are often unacknowledged to help educators be better equipped for the year ahead.

This book will help you:

  • Build healthy relationships with students, parents, and guardians
  • Create a classroom environment where everyone feels safe, seen, and confident
  • Plan engaging lessons that inspire all students to learn at high levels
  • Become aware of secondary traumatic stress symptoms and map out ways to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy
  • Adapt practical strategies you can implement immediately to support student success
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